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Corporate Volunteering

What is Corporate Volunteering?

Corporate volunteering involves encouraging employees from business to participate in volunteer work, often during work hours.

The volunteering tasks can either be practical or skill-oriented. For instance, practical volunteering may involve assisting in packaging and distributing food parcels with a local food bank, whereas a skills-based volunteering opportunity could entail creating a website for a charitable organisation.

Sunderland Voluntary Sector Alliance host a programme to facilitate Corporate volunteering, matching volunteers to the voluntary and community sector in Sunderland. We are here to make the process as easy as possible, ensuring businesses complete their Corporate social Responsibility (CSR) priorities in the most meaningful way, making the most impact in communities in Sunderland.

Engaging in corporate volunteering offers advantages for both companies and employees.

Some common benefits for organisations include:

  • Enhanced employee engagement, satisfaction, and well-being
  • Opportunities for professional development among staff
  • Team building and fostering stronger workplace relationships
  • Establishing connections with voluntary, public, or private sector entities and the local community

Some common benefits for employees are:

  • Enjoyment and increased well-being
  • Feeling a sense of contribution and impact
  • Meeting individuals from diverse backgrounds
  • Enhanced job prospects, particularly for young individuals.

View  Corporate Volunteering Opportunities March 2024 (PDF) [99KB]   

Is your business looking to offer corporate volunteering?

Corporate volunteering is a great way for companies to give back to the community while meeting their corporate social responsibility objectives. Participating employees offer their time and skills to various projects across the local community. At Sunderland Voluntary Sector Alliance, we're working to guide businesses on utilising their volunteering hours to have the most impact within the community. 

If you would like to get involved in corporate volunteering or to discuss any of the roles listed below in more detail, please email:

Are you a Sunderland based VCSE organisations?

We're interested in connecting with VCSE organisations that may require corporate volunteers to assist them. Corporate volunteering activities can include mentoring, community clean ups, participating in environmental initiatives, gardening and more. They can also support with more specialised projects, such as upskilling the staff or volunteer team, providing IT, HR or marketing support. Whether it's one-off assistance for projects, events, or fundraising, or longer-term projects that require more regular support, we're here to help. 

Involving corporate volunteers can provide significant benefits to voluntary organisations. Firstly, it can provide a valuable source of additional support and people power. Secondly, it can help raise the profile of the organisation, increase awareness of their work and potentially attract new donors and supporters. Finally, it can create close ties between the voluntary sector and the local business community, creating the foundations for future partnerships. 

If you have any projects that require support from corporate volunteers, or would like to discuss this opportunity in more detail, please email:

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