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Our service offer

The Sunderland Voluntary Sector Alliance offer:

  • To provide an independent strategic voice
  • Secure additional resources and capacity by
  • Attracting external funding
  • Making better use of community facilities
  • Working differently to deliver services
  • Avoiding duplication of provision

Work in partnership with strategic partners and anchor institutions for the benefit of the voluntary community sector by

  • Facilitating collaboration
  • Maximising social value

We offer practical support to

  • Set up a Charity, Social Enterprise or Community Organisation
  • Understand legal structures and governance
  • Operate according to your legal responsibilities
  • Design and deliver a successful organisation or project
  • Identify appropriate funders and support with applications
  • Build skills in your team to ensure sustainability
  • Maximise your offer with the support of volunteers
  • Connect with other organisations and develop partnerships
  • Stay informed with city wide information

This list is not exhaustive. We recognise that the city has other infrastructure organisations who may be able to assist if we can't, so if you're still unsure please contact us for a chat and we can discuss who's best suited to support your needs as an organisation.

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